FCC licensed, SBE certified and insured, McGuire Broadcast is ready!

For your studios:

Studio wiring and equipment installation.
Telephone interfaces and processing.
EAS equipment programming and audio relay panels.
Remote control of site doors, gates, lights, even the coffee maker!
EAS configuretions.
On-air, remote broadcast, EAS activation tally lights.


Replace batteries and load test UPS units.
OS upgrades and software installations.
Category cable installations.
Key pads, security cameras and servers.
Secure remote applications using custom ports and routing.


Delay lines, Mic and audio processing.
Automation and servers.
Network fail-over via cellular routing.
Custom port forwarding and routing.
External dedicated storage.


New Windows and BIOS updates.

Over-air radio STL and data links.

WIFI for guest/sales/management.






 McGuire Broadcast Inc. 2019

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