Amature Radio Licenses

Current amateur radio licenses are listed and go back in time. Prior to the current Society of Broadcast Engineers certifications, the following licenses were considered

a valid indicator of one’s qualification to work on radio frequency, mechanical, electro mechanical, electronic, digital and related systems. The earned prerequisites, the first of

several grades of amateur licenses were granted starting in 1974 are listed below:

Current Amatuer Radio license KA4EJD was renewed in 2017 until 2028

  KA4EJD 2017 2

 (2007) KA4EJD license renewed.

KA4EJD 2007

(1998) KA4EJD license renewed

KA4EJD 1998

(1988) Amatuer license KA4EJD license upgraded to extra class.


(1984) At this time, several amateur license upgrades were taking place from technician, general, advanced and ultimately the extra class license. However, supporting documents for this time period are missing.

(1984) A Federal Communications General Radio Telephone license was earned.

FCC 1984 2 LI

 (1974) Call letters WN4KZJ class: Novice


Ok, a little fun from 1975: Amateur radio station KA4EJD is shown below with a Knight Kit shortwave receiver left by my older college bound brother, an HW-16 Heath Kit 100 watt transmitter and Hammerlund receiver along with other ancient equipment.

 Ham Station KA4EJD Mid 70s




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