Yours truly hunting for a shorted high voltage rectifier stack after one of Florida’s famous thunderstorms. The Broadcast Electronics FM-35A transmitter shown here, uses a power supply capable of continuously delivering nearly 40,000 volts at 5 Amps.

High voltage power supplies: 

This high voltage power supply is one of many out there and could certainly be a widow-maker. However, this particular transmitter has decent safety features that are still in use today including actual keyed doors and a shorting disk that discharges the HV power supply when the doors are opened.


Don't just depend on the safety features!

Have a real understanding of what you’re working on. Make sure the primary disconnect panel feeding the transmitter is turned off. 

Even when primary power is removed, these power supplies can store lethal voltages, that's what that shorting rod is used for.  Before you touch anything, use the shorting rod to discharge or drain residual voltages from the various high voltage capacitors.  (Shown below: A white shorting rod with a shorting hook and a drain wire attached.)


 If you’re careless, odds are pretty good you will not live to tell about your mistake. If you have any doubts about your capabilities, get help.  There is no shame in it, I still do.

Finally, good lighting, proper rest and not working alone will help you to stay alive and write about your successful repairs. 



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